Commercial and Industrial Flooring in Newcastle

For Heavy Duty, High Workload Floors

Commercial And Industrial Flooring in Newcastle

For heavy duty, high workload floors we have a variety of specialist finishes to handle the toughest of demands,
which can be provided to you throughout the North of England and Scotland.

From High traffic industrial units to Sensitive Hospital environments we have a seamless surface solution to any application.

High demand anti slip surfaces to decorative office environments, Hygienic Antibacterial Surfaces idea for Hospital & Care Homes to name just a few.

Our Commercial Kitchen range offers thermal shock protection along with a variety of antislip levels from light to heavy. All of these can be supplied in numerous colours
as well as custom specifications should the client require it, all in a seamless one piece floor.

We are also now able to carry some of our systems through directly onto the walls which once incorporated with our coving system encapsulates the floors and wall in a one piece seamless unit.  The advantages over existing floor & wall applications are vast!

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