Resin Bound Stone Paving in Newcastle

Unrivalled Low Maintenance

Resin Bound Stone Paving in Newcastle

Providing our services throughout the North of England and Scotland, resin bound paving can be overlaid to existing or new concrete or tarmac
for a finish that is unrivalled with little or no maintenance.

We are now also able to offer this as an internal option, our “Stone Carpet” is a totally sealed version of the external
bound surface but being sealed it does not allow any liquid (spills etc) to permeate the surface.

We are one of the first companies in the UK to offer this new sealer technology, a multitude of colours are available for this system.

The use of dried aggregates bonded in resin appeared on the UK market around 25 years ago. The advances made in epoxy and polymer resins have led to advanced systems suiatable for all types of commercial and domestic applications.

Various coloured stone is available and gives a great alternative to paving or tarmac finishes and can be selected to compliment your existing home. New build and restoration teams acknowledge the extra choices that are now available to them.

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