Stained Microscreed Flooring in Newcastle

Versatile and Functional

Stained Microscreed Flooring in Newcastle

Sentinal's Stained Microscreed Flooring provides a variety of advantages that a polished concrete floor simply can’t.
From our Newcastle base, we service the North of England and Scotland.
Polished concrete floors are traditionally grey, and when polished stay that way.

One of our Microscreed’s main advantages is we can install this onto existing timber, tile or stone floor.
Our trained installers can prepare the surface to take our Microscreed and stain it to the colour of your choice.

We can create numerous colour variations and tones to compliment the client’s décor or Designer's vision. Our Microscreed flooring also has elastic qualities whereas polished concrete floors are brittle. This ensures that Microscreed will not break up or crack. Also, once sealed with our specialist sealer, it will not stain unlike polished concrete.

Microscreed flooring is far more suitable for use in high-end residential properties than a polished concrete floor due to the versatility and functionality for the product.

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